Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Cosmic Latte

 Cosmic Latte
           Behold. The color of the cosmos if you put it in a blender. The color of entropy, perhaps.
           I won't pretend to know exactly what this color represents. I'm honestly a little bit confused myself, but I'm assuming this refers specifically to starlight--meaning the light being produced versus the color that's reflected. Whose idea was it, anyway, to calculate the color of the universe? Honestly. Have you ever wondered that? I know I haven't.
          Fortunately, NASA has. And they've determined our universe to be this creamy beige that roughly matches my complexion. Other names like skyvory and univeige had been suggested, but Cosmic Latte was the winner.
          Man, if I had my own coffee shop, I'd call it Cosmic Latte.
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