Sunday, March 17, 2013

Java Log

          Sorry I fell off the face of the earth for a while there, everyone... whoever you are... did anyone even notice? Anyway, I've been caught up in a bunch of other crazy stuff, but the other day while I was in Whole Foods checking out, and I noticed a stack of eco-friendly fire logs made of--you guessed it--coffee! Obviously, or else it wouldn't be on my blog.
          Anyway, it's environmentally ideal, because not only is it tree-free, but also diverts 12 million pounds a year of spoiled grounds that would otherwise wind up in a landfill. Not to mention, java logs put out 85 percent less carbon monoxide than traditional firewood does, according to an article from TLC Home, Green Living Tips, on how to "Make Your Own Java Log."Apparently all you need is some spent coffee grounds, vegetable oil and molasses. Yum.
          Likewise, the store-bought Pine Mountain brand uses renewable all-natural waxes. Due to its chemical-free composition, the Java Log boasts the most vibrant, bright and natural flame aflicker on amazon.
          I'm yet to check it out myself, as I don't have a fireplace. But do the environment a favor and check it out next time you light up a fire.


  1. Yes! My one and only follower! I missed you too, man.

    1. I fall off the face of the earth quite regularly, though. :) It's part of the whole "sailing the seven seas" thing.