Thursday, March 28, 2013

Las Capucas, Honduras

           Alright, fellow coffee fanatics, I've decided to take it upon myself to post some of Fair Trade's accomplishments on my barista blog, because I think consumers ought to be more in touch with where their coffee actually comes from.
           For one thing, look at this rickety processing mill. Cute, right? That is, until you try to use it.
           Well, if it weren't for COCAFCAL's support, Jose Isidro Lara, who inherited his father's farm and mill in Honduras, would have had to de-pulp his cherries in that rinky-dink old thing.
            Fortunately for Jose, he's earned enough from Fair Trade to invest in a brand new cutting edge wet mill.
           Not only is the new mill considerably less likely to crumble to pieces, but is also complete with a covered patio, allowing sunlight to come through, but keeping out the rain simultaneously. This is crucial in keeping the beans from rotting, and results in superior quality beans.
          Anyway, it's awesome, so I just thought I'd share, because this is the difference we as consumers are capable of making in real people's lives. Fair Trade makes it possible, and so do you as a conscious consumer. Think twice next time about what really went into your coffee, cause those beans come a long way.

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