Sunday, April 7, 2013

Etsy It Up This Mother's Day

          Alright, fellow Bloggers, Mother's Day is nearly upon us, and I don't know about, you but I've got two Mamas to take care of, so I thought I'd start shopping early this year. If you're at a total loss what to get your mom, you're not alone. Let me help you.
          Now, I'm not saying every mother's taste is the same by any means, but there is a gift that will win almost any Mama's heart, as long as she likes coffee. Maybe your mom is a little behind the times in terms of making coffee, maybe not. Maybe she uses instant coffee, or a vintage stovetop espresso maker. Maybe Mr. Coffee is the only man currently in her life. Or maybe she uses the latest most state of the art coffee maker... Either way, I'm sure she can appreciate a handmade ceramic single drip. I found the following on Etsy, just to give you guys a taste:

The last one, the one with the whale fin, was done by Mackenzie Terzian, and she'll whip up a custom dripper starting at only twenty bucks, so hit her up now before it's too late and see if you still have time to place a custom order. A truly one of a kind coffee drip for a mother who's unlike any other!
          Plus, they're easy to use. All you need is a filter, some ground coffee and a pot of hot water. They're also ceramic, so dishwasher safe. (Also oven and microwave safe, but no one's gonna nuke the thing anyway.)
          But the best part is, every time Mama sits down to drip & sip a delicious cup of coffee, she'll  be thinking of you. Your gift will remind her how much you love her every morning for the rest of her life, so you're set... until next year at least.
          If your mom's not a huge fan of coffee, no worries. Maybe tea is a little bit more to her taste. In that case, why not a hand-made tea pot, or single tea infuser, like this three-piece teacup-strainer-saucer set, by Jackie Matelski for only $40. That way, you can set yourself up for next year and every year after that, so that every mother's day you can just hook her up with some nice loose leaf tea to go with her awesome new tea infuser.
If your mom doesn't like to drink coffee or tea, be creative. You know your mom better than I do. There's all kinds of artists on Etsy that are more than happy to do custom orders, so take advantage. Say your mom's a huge fan of snowmen and sake, get her a snowman sake set, like this one by Misun Rie.

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