Sunday, April 7, 2013

Revolutionary Roaster: Goshen Coffee Co

          Seventy or so years ago, the original Rosie the Riveter rocked the workforce off its sexist anti-feminist axis, spurring national reform. Well I think a little reform is in order, particularly in the coffee exchange. Goshen Coffee Co's Rosie represents a generation of consumers who will demand a market that does right by the world, and appreciates its growers' efforts as much as the roaster or barista. It's one thing to chuck a bunch of beans into an oven or pull a perfect shot, but to cower in a field over a basket that's chock full of coffee cherries for hours on end, or tend to the drying beans under a blazing sun is honestly piece of cake.
          I don't know what Goshen had in mind when they chose this spunky new Rosie to represent their roasting company, but they do ethically source all their coffee, 100% organic, the works. Anyway, my point is the revolution is upon us. Goshen's stepping up their game, going totally Fair Trade organic, and other's oughta do the same, because consumers have something called STANDARDS, not to mention a conscious, and if coffee companies can't keep up, they're gonna be taken off the roster.

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