Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Espress Yourself

    Coffee is America's life force. It's the reason we get anything done, but above all else, coffee is our creative inspiration. It stimulates our minds more than any known legal substance.
     If you, like most Americans, are still struggling to "find yourself," do so over a cup of coffee.
     Doodle something spectacular on your napkin or cup.
     Doodle something stupid.
     Scribble the lyrics to a Smiths song.
     Scribble a masterpiece.
     Express yourself. Let the aroma of your coffee take over your mind. Immerse yourself in a thick creamy steam-induced dream.
     Coffee keeps artists afloat, over-caffeinated and inspired. Without the coffee industry there may be no art. Artists would have nowhere to hang their work, and nothing to wake them up in the morning to do it. So let us take a moment to appreciate the beautiful art born from these beans.

By Arkady Kim, Russian artist. Largest coffee-bean-mural worldwide. Constructed in Gorky Central Park in Moscow, took 12 days and a million coffee beans to make.

By Esther Horchner, German (or maybe French?) Illustrator. Naked Lady Tea Set. Very clever. Very cute.

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  1. If you've created a coffee-inspired masterpiece, post a link to your work below, and if I like it I'll post it. Simple as pie.