Sunday, January 27, 2013

Robber Armed with Hot Cup of Coffee

     In 2010, a man in Hamelin, Germany robbed an arcade attendant with, get this--a cup of coffee. And then again last year, in Manchester two boys robbed a newsstand armed with a hot cup of coffee, and got away with a sack full of cigarettes.
     Now, don't get any ideas, kids!
     Hot coffee is apparently the only kind they have in Manchester, at least the last time I went. I ordered an iced coffee, and the woman asked me what on earth I was talking about. Apparently in Manchester there is no such thing. The weather doesn't usually call for iced coffee, so I explained it was ice and coffee in a glass. Although, to be fair, maybe it was her first day or something.
     On earth.
     Anyway, one last coffee-sipping criminal, today's winner... Everybody put your hands together for Huntsville, Alabama's own Phillip Shawdey! According to Huffington Post, this "Alabama man's plan to rob a Starbucks was allegedly thwarted by a cup of" guessed it--coffee! Phenomenal. He demanded the cashier to empty the register, and when she suggested a free cup of coffee instead, he accepted, left, and was arrested in the parking lot for robbery without incident. According to the article, "Coffee isn't the only item robbers have accepted in lieu of cash." A Whataburger employee in Oklahoma settled an attempted robbery by offering the man (armed, by the way, with a machete) a salty delicious side of fries.

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