Friday, January 25, 2013

Latte Leaf Tattoo?

     Alright you guys, don't be shy. You can comment. Please do, in fact I have a question for you, yes--You! You've been chosen!
     And your mission?
     Help me decide where the hell I ought to get my next tattoo: I'm thinking a latte leaf, creamy and espresso colors and fade into my skin tones kinda thing. Awesome right? Except, I have a compass on the back of my neck/upper back, and I'm not trying to get a tramp stamp, so probably just try to avoid my back altogether. That's my only condition. So... any ideas?
     Please please please! Interact with me, mystery internet users! Give me some goddamn ideas. That is all I ask.
     You can check out my little google barista icon, kinda what I'm talking about. Okay, sudden, possibly terrible idea... are you ready?
     Latte leaf quill, and ink, because it looks like a feather, sort of. Cute? Stupid?
     Input guys, I need input. I'm lost. I even briefly thought of adding a latte leaf to either side of my compass to extend like wings across my shoulders. Stupid, right? Or is it? I'm really asking.

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